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Bila aku mencintai Ibu, itu semata–mata karena dari rahimnya yang suci aku terlahir. Alasan itu sudah cukup bagiku untuk mencintainya sepenuh jiwa. Jika kemudian cintaku berkembang dan terus bermekaran, itu karena Ibu selalu menitipkan kasihnya padaku tanpa pernah ada keinginan untuk mengambilnya kembali. Sungguh aku merasa mendapat kemuliaan tak terkira berkesempatan menjaga cinta itu agar terus bersemi di balik hati.

Ibu memang teramat istimewa bagiku. Dia adalah matahari yang tak pernah lelah menghangatkan bumi. Dia juga bulan yang selalu setia memantulkan cahaya cinta sang matahari dalam pekatnya malam. Bahkan Ibu adalah angin pembawa kesejukan bagi nuraniku. Dan adalah ibu, sosok wanita yang selalu ku kagumi sepenuh hati karena ketegaran dan ketulusan cintanya


Semarang living become happiness for Rasty after she has Riki as her boyfriend. Whereas they ran long distance relationship, Rasty had been studying in Semarang while Riki had been studying in Jepara. They had never found problem in communication. Riki came to Semarang once of two week. He came on Saturday and came back to Jepara on Sunday. On October, there was a music concert in this week and she want to watched with him. Then she took her phone and called him.

“Hallo honey,” she said.

“Yes, what’s happen honey?” he replied.

“There is a music concert in my campus on Saturday night. Could you go to Semarang this weekend? I want to watch it with you,” she said.

“Yes of course honey, I’m free on this weekend,” he said.

“Ok. See you on Saturday honey,” she said.

“See you,” he replied.

In Saturday night, they went to Undip auditorium for watched the concert. The concert was great and many fans of Geisha and Vierra attended that concert.

“Are you happy right now honey?” he said.

“Yes, I am. Thank you honey,” she said.

“You are welcome,” he said.

“Let’s enjoy the concert,” she said.

They spend the night with watched the concert and about 11 pm they went to home. The next day, Riki was gone to Jepara.

Their relationship was run fluently. Rasty was happy because she has Riki in her live. Seven months passed without big problems. Riki was phone Rasty every morning and they kept their communication very well. They also met in once of two week.

In the last month, everything was changed and Rasty felt of Riki changing. Small problem would be big problem for them. She knew that he always searched her mistakes but she pretend not to knew everything because she has not ready to lost him. She was loved him very much. Running the relationship with him is a happiness for Rasty. Every morning, Riki always phone her in hours but in the last days, he just phone in minutes.

That day, in the end of May, she went to campus after received calling from Riki. That day Riki phone just in ten minutes. In the speaking class, she she received message from Riki that there was important thing that must be talked by them. After class was over, Rasti phone him.

“Hallo honey, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“I want to ask, how is your feeling for me right now?” he asked too.

“I still love you and it is never change,” she replied.

“Did you feel my changing,” he asked.

“Yes, I did. But I don’t care,” she said.

“I thing we can’t continue this relationship,” he said.

There was nothing sound, quiet and silent

“Honey, I love you but I can’t run long distance relationship,” he said.

“So far, we never find problem. What’s happen?” she said.

“I was met another girl. I want to go to Semarang this week to explain to you,” he said.

“I really sorry,” he said.

“Bye,” she said and turned off her phone.

She went to her boarding house and when arrived, she cried in hours. She didn’t believe that Riki would made her broken heart. Her friend, Sasa was came to calm her.

“I know everything, Riki was told me,” Sasa said.

“I don’t believe it.” she said

Sasa was hug she and try to make she calm but Rasty cried and can’t stopped. Sasa slept in Rasty’s boarding house to accompany she. Rasty looked so sad and hasn’t spirit to ran her live. That day Rasty’s roommate, Maya  was come from her village and knew that Riki left Rasty for another girl.

“I was said that Riki is a bad boy. Why you don’t believe it,”  Maya said.

“I love him, it’s the reason,” Rasty replied.

“Rasty is crying, she absolutely sad. Please don’t blame her anymore,” Sasa said.

“She is stupid if forgive his mistake,” Maya said.

Rasty went to her room and could not to stop her crying. Then Sasa following her.

On Sunday, Riki came to explain and apologize to Rasty but she could not met him. She so disappointed and didn’t want to see him anymore.

“Why do you come here?” Maya said.

“I want to meet Rasty,” he replied.

“Rasty don’t want to see you, it is better if you go home,” Maya said.

“But I want to explain what was happen,” he said.

“She don’t need it. Just go home,” Maya said.

“I will waiting until she want to meet me,” he said.

Finally, Riki went to his home and never met Rasty. On Facebook, their relationship was deleted by Riki and in his status, he is in relationship with another girl. Rasty was accepted everything and run her activities fluently.

Two months later, she saw that Riki status was single on Facebook. Then he became often phone and send messages to Rasty again. He said that his girlfriend left he for another men and he want to tried make a better relationship with Rasty. She went to Sasa’s boarding house and told everything which she knew about Riki. She stayed in there until the evening.

“Riki was single,” she said.

“Really, but you can’t return with him. He has so many mistakes,” Sasa said.

“Yes of course. I will not do that,” she said.

“Haha, you want to take revenge,” Sasa said.

“No, God is repair and Riki get the replied,” she said.

Karma is be valid girl,” Sasa said.

“ You are right,” she replied.

Four months later, Rasty was watching concert which held every year in Undip without Riki who regretted because left Rasty but together with her friends; Sasa and Maya were enjoying the Bondan and Fade2black playing.

“Let’s enjoy the concert, Maya said.

“Yes, although without boyfriend,” Sasa and Rasty said.

They spend the night together.


Semarang, 03 January 2011

I cried last night

Hope everything come back earlier

This hurt heart

Could not be put back together

Knowing this was wrong

But my heart said the other words

The togetherness which was run so long

Just became memories


The day is replaced with the night

Many things are false

In my room, I alone tonight

Lonely without anyone who cares


Looking at the watch and the wall

There is many cracked wall

The time is move so slowly

Hope the night pass quickly

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